vHub's Influencer Marketing Success with Masai School

Uncover the enchanting tale where vHub’s wizardry with influencers transformed Masai School’s outreach. Delve into this magical partnership where speed, vision, and accessibility converge, turning education into gold through captivating narratives and game-changing achievements.

Case Study

Jan 04, 2024


masai school influencer marketing

Client Overview:

Masai School, an innovative EdTech company on a mission to make tech education accessible to everyone, partnered with vHub in June to enhance the visibility and enrollment for their Career Accelerator Program (CAP). With a thriving community of over 100,000 students on Discord, Masai School aimed to tap into the power of Influencer Marketing to target students and working professionals primarily through YouTube.

Campaign Strategy:

vHub devised a comprehensive strategy that incorporated various elements to maximize reach and engagement while aligning with Masai School’s mission.

  1. YouTube Influencers Collaboration:
    • Identified and collaborated with prominent YouTube influencers in the education space.
    • Integrated dedicated videos highlighting Masai School’s CAP program on influencers’ channels.
  2. Zoom Sessions:
    • Hosted free and open sessions on Zoom featuring influencers discussing various career-related topics.
    • Leveraged these sessions to engage with the audience and create awareness about Masai School’s offerings, contributing to their mission of making tech education accessible.
  3. Speed of Execution:
    • Executed the campaigns promptly, aligning with Masai School’s timelines.
    • Maintained an agile approach, ensuring quick responses to emerging opportunities, supporting Masai School’s commitment to providing timely and accessible education.


The collaboration between vHub and Masai School, driven by a shared commitment to accessibility, yielded significant results within a short timeframe.

  1. Revenue Generation:
    • Secured 30 upfront payments for Masai School’s Prepleaf program, contributing to a revenue of 20 Lakhs.
  2. Lead Generation:
    • Generated 18,000 leads for Masai School, showcasing the effectiveness of the Influencer Marketing strategy in reaching a broader audience.
  3. Cost Efficiency:
    • Invested 12.72 Lakhs in influencer partnerships, resulting in an impressive Rs 70 per lead, aligning with Masai School’s goal of delivering value in a cost-effective manner.
  1. Client Testimonial: Shashank from Masai School expressed his satisfaction with vHub’s services, emphasizing the smooth execution and the team’s unwavering focus on their vision.

    I recently had the chance to meet Sachin Modi, Shivam Keshari, and ADITYA, who run an exceptional Influencer Marketing company – vHub… If you are a creator looking for opportunities, or a brand looking to leverage influencer marketing, vHub is the place to go.

    Shashank also highlighted vHub’s speed of execution and their vision for the future, aligning with Masai School’s commitment to accessible tech education.


vHub’s strategic approach, coupled with a focus on speed, client satisfaction, and a shared commitment to accessibility, played a pivotal role in the success of the Influencer Marketing campaigns for Masai School. The collaboration not only drove substantial revenue but also enhanced Masai School’s brand visibility and engagement, contributing to their mission of making tech education accessible to everyone.

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