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Why Influencer Marketing with vHub?

Amplify your brand with right influencers
Taking your brand to people through voices they trust is more likely to drive action.
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Reach new people similar to your current customers. selects influencers for your brand who have the trust and attention of people likely to become your new customers.
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Personalize your brands marketing spend
Reaching out to your future customers in their native language and content style they prefer will increase the efficacy and ROI of your marketing spend.
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Performance + Influencer Marketing tracks views, clicks, traffic and leads generated for every rupee you spend on marketing.
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Run campaigns at scale
With vHub, you can engage with hundreds of small to big influencers to create a buzz for your brand.
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AI Powered features of the vHub platform

AI driven platform makes end to end influencer marketing easy.

On a search engine of 5M+ influencers with 20K+ onboarded on the platform,                          you can easily find the influencers to reach your potential customers.

Out of the influencers that apply for your brand campaign,

AI selects the best ones for you by analyzing more than 1000 data points.

Intuitive and easy to use platform interface allows end to end campaign management. You can create campaigns and engage with hundreds of influencers at the same time.

Approve scripts and content created by influencers on the platform itself.

See the performance of your campaign in real-time.

AI detects inorganic following and engagement from fake/bot accounts. VQS score tells you if the influencer has the genuine following so that you are sure you are engaging with the right influencers.

How We Work

The campaign goes live on our platform with all the details

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Receive hundreds of applications for your campaign


Shortlist based on vHub provided Al Insights

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Payments to influencers are also handled by us


Realtime tracking of influencer content on the platform


Approve Content of Influencers on the Platform Itself

Scripting & Content Approval

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Frequently asked questions ?

Brands often collaborate with relevant influencers to produce content that promotes its products and services. This allows them to tap into the influencers engaged audience to build awareness in an authentic way.

Influencer collaboration cost varies based on different metrics. The metrics can be follower count, engagement rate, growth rate, audience analytics etc. The higher they rank on these metrics the more they will be able to charge the brands for their promotions.It will also depend upon the deliverables and how many influencers you want to work with. If you want to run your campaign on various social media platforms naturally, you will get more queries and it will cost you more.

An influencer marketing campaign has a lot of benefit on increasing your brand value; these are: 1. It builds trust and shows your brand authority 2. It improves brand awareness 3. Reaches your target audiences 4. Attract potential customers from your target location 5. Build long term relationship with influencers and with your customers 6. It gives you immense reach and visibility 7. It manages your brand reputation 8. Provide various long term benefits

AI based performance indicator tools at vhub ranks the influencers and provide a smart matchmaking between the brand and influencer. You can also sort and compare the right choice for your brand.

The concept of influencer marketing is perfect for every kind of business, from fashion to beauty, to health, fitness, travel, restaurant, book etc You just have to find the right influencers for your campaign who can communicate about your brand with your target audience.

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